World Sprints Update, Team Canada

December 3, 2015

The IVF World Sprints take place May 5-15, 2016 on the Sunshine Coast in Australia. Team Canada is currently set at 83 paddlers, represented from 14 CORA Clubs. Awesome job by all of the paddlers for getting in their entry fee and uniform orders for the December 1 deadline, thank you.

All age categories are represented from U16 Juniors to 70+years with the largest numbers in the 60’s age category. We are also excited to have two paracanoe paddlers from Calgary on the team. We would love to recruit one more 70+ female so please contact us if you are interested (

Coming up: Team Canada Sprint Clinic March 12-13, 2016. A big thanks to Fort Langley Canoe Club for supporting us to host the clinic. All Team Canada paddlers are encouraged to attend. No hibernating this winter gang, embrace your cooler training. 5 months will zip by and you’ll be hearing G’Day Mate before you know it.

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