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That was the lead on the story of the race
today in the local paper. That I suppose represents the sentiment of
the 114 womens and 110 mens crews that participated in the race.Kona
is famous for its' hot weather and though it was hot this year, the
women got a strong head wind at the start which cooled things a bit.
Unlike the other islands the mass of the Big Island diminishes the
effect of the tradewinds, and so you hope for thermals which are
created by the land mass...The men got a bit of a tailwind and even
late clouds but also plenty of mid-race heat...running the shore
this year down seemed the ticket for the women and most of the mens
canoes ran close on the way back. Not alot of wind nor current but
boat chop made it challenging at times with crews changing, boats
motoring around and canoes battling for position. The winners were
Team New Zealand for the men at 1:50.20, and Lanakila for the women
at 2:12.06...Ocean River was fourth in the Iron Masters division at
2:17.30 and Lotus 34th in the Open division at 2:12.14 in the mens'
races. Lotus had 2 womens boats in the Iron division, finishing 25th
(2:32.05) and 68th(3:00.42) There were alot of other Canadian
paddlers all over the place mixed into boats...Randy, Eric and Brian
all familiar faces to Canada were in an open class with a boat
designed by some guys at Kona Athletic, and finished in 2:09.02,
only boat in their category though!!!! 12 categories for men alone
in this deal...8 for the women...Today are the small boat races, a
10 k triangle course...but last night was the dreaded torch
parade...actually a lot of fun with people all over the street,
drums hammering and everyone in high spirits, covered with leis and
maile vine and celebrating everything from in your face wins to My
God we did it...my crew! Anyway let you know how the small boat race
and the luau after goes...


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