Pule for Peter Forand

September 22, 2016 · 0 comments

The executive of Comox Valley Canoe Racing Club would like to extend an open invitation to join our canoe club in an informal water based gathering to celebrate the life of member and friend Peter Forand.  It will be held at Goose Spit in Comox, which is at the end of Hawkins Rd, on Oct 2/2016 at 1 PM. Food will not be provided.

We want you to bring your canoe and your gear.  We will go for a paddle.  Expect to drink beer.  Rain or shine.

We know that this date also has a small boat race in Victoria.  This is not a conflict.  You can honor Peter as much by racing...anywhere you want...as by attending our gathering.  In fact, truth be known, Peter would rather you race than come.  He never wanted anyone to fuss over him, ever. So, if you feel the desire, go race, with Peter in your thoughts, and please tip a cold one for him when you are done.  Or, come up to Comox, drink Peter's favorite most refreshing beverage with us, and I promise we won't tell too many embellished stories and outright lies involving Peter Forand.

In either case, under Peter's direction, we want the day to be remembered as fun.

Lina and Mathieu Forand will be joining us for the afternoon.

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