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August 27, 2004 · 0 comments

Jon Amundson - Calgary

A few years ago racing the Birkiebeiner x-c ski race in Edmonton, I found myself just behind JOHN ROBERTS. We skied this way for several kilometers and as we came to an "older" woman who was course marshalling at a junction, in an attempt to liven up what I thought for her must be a cold and thankless task, I shouted, pointing with my ski pole toward John, " That's my friend!!" Within seconds, a hill emerged, I fell and John glided gracefully into the woods, beating me by several minutes. John beats me by several minutes (or at least seconds) in most things. Recently however I have had the pleasure of finishing ahead of him in many races as we race OC and marathon-2 together. Sitting in the front, I am often ahead of him though because John steers, there are moments of unusual nautical configuration and frankly sheer terror, no one sure once the boat reconnects with water where anyone will be. There have also been less than gracious moments as everyone who paddles in pairs or sixes knows. But in our kapuna wisdom, we appear to appreciate that, as in all marriages, there shall arise such moments which try the bounds of affection. However like those marriages of the 1940s and 50s, it seems we also both realize that as my mother would say, "remember, dear, it is all give and take".... Or is John would say, " Yeah, fine, now shut up Jon, let's GIVE it to them, and TAKE the lead!!!!"

John recently medaled at the WORLDs in Hilo and i know what he put into this and the pride he has brought to our club. I suppose this posting is to let the rest of you know what a great guy John is and how much we in Calgary have benefited from having him around. It is also I guess my way of pointing at him, and saying again, proudly, " that's my friend!" Jon.

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