Membership FAQ’s

What are the benefits of CORA membership?
Becoming a member of CORA has many benefits which are outlined in the following document.

Are annual memberships based on a calendar year or a 12 month period?
CORA dues are based on the calendar year: January to December. Please do not register or renew before Dec. 31st and expect your membership to be valid for the following year.

The website won't accept my email address.
Hi, I tried to register on line but it's not letting me do this.  It won't accept my email address.  It says it's already in use.  I've never registered on line before, but I am a returning member.

You need to choose "Log In" to renew your membership instead of choosing "Become a Member".

How do I log in to pay my dues?
For existing members, your username is 'firstnamelastname' (ie: joesmith).  If you don't remember your password there is an option to reset your password via the "forgot password?" link, which will send you an email.

If you have changed your personal email, but not in your CORA account, the system will try to send your password reset to the old email account that it has on file. If you no longer have access to that old email account, please contact the CORA membership department.

New CORA members can sign up and pay their CORA fees by accessing Become a Member under the Members tab.

Can we use this form to register a Junior paddler?
Not at this time. Junior Annual registration must be submitted by mail or at a race site using the printed form.

How do I know if my payment went through?
You will receive an email with confirmation of your payment.

Where do I find my CORA number?
You can find it under "My Account" once you have logged in.

Can I change my password?
Yes. Go to "My Account" to change your password and/or update your account information.

What if I have a new email address and have forgotten my password?
If you now have a different email addresss then the one you originally registered with CORA you will need to contact the CORA membership department through our Contact tab to request that the email address on your account be changed.

How do I pay the $10 day fee online?
You can't. Day fees must be paid at the race site, at time of registration.