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CORA fees are based on the calendar year, January to December, and are non-refundable.

CORA membership is required to participate or compete in all CORA events.  Logging in to this website with your membership "username" and "password" makes it easier to participate in the on-line discussions.

If you are already a CORA member and haven't renewed or logged in yet, we have automatically generated "usernames" and "passwords" when we added you to the new database.  You can log in with these and then modify your information.

CORA fees are based on the calendar year January to December and are non-refundable. Please do not register or renew before Dec. 31st and expect your membership to be valid for the following year.

Adult Memberships

Become a CORA member by paying your $25 CORA membership using the form below.

Junior Memberships

CORA offers $10 memberships for those under 18 years.  Junior Members can register here.

Day Fees

If you want to register just for an event, Day fees must be paid at the race site and cannot be submitted online.

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