February 2015 Racing

February 1, 2015 · 0 comments

Make your way over to the island for the Fairway/Gorge V-12 Race on February 7th. Also if you haven't renewed your CORA membership for 2015 you can renew online here.

February 7 - Gorge V12 to V21 Races - FGPC, Victoria, BC. V12-to-V21 is a 10km double-hull 12-person crew outrigger race that starts at FGPC on the Gorge, heads through Victoria’s inner, middle and outer harbours to buoy V21 just beyond the harbour and returns to the finish line at FGPC. It’s a fun middle distance race that’s available to everyone. There are prizes to be won, food to be eaten, and victories to be defended.

Race start is at 9 am. Registration opens at 8 am, 8:45 am steers meeting.

More details are available here.

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