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    Leanne Stanley

    We have enough orders confirmed that this shipment will be going ahead!
    If you have been sitting on the fence about ordering a V1, V3 or V6 please contact me ASAP lb(dot)stanley(at)gmail(dot)com for the order forms!

    To give you an idea, the “performance” model is a s-glass- epoxy layup weighing 12kg and costs 2514 Euros (about $3700CAD). You can add in a foot pump (for bailing) and carbon iakos for 151 Euros and 268 Euros.
    Shipping costs will be split among all the boats coming in so more boats means more people to split the container cost.
    Each boat will be subject to PST, GST and a 9.5% duty along with a small broker fee.

    Or if a V3 is more your style, 3371 Euros (about $5000CAD) plus shipping/taxes/duty.

    Email me right now (October 2) if you are interested as I’m putting the orders in shortly!


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    Michael Cook

    Is it too late?

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    Tony Hodanic

    No it’s not too late. Shoot Leanne an email and get your order in!

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    Leanne Stanley

    Lol, thanks Tony!! Yup I’m just sorting out things tonight, fire me an email and we can get you the order forms and all the info. lb (dot) stanley (at) gmail (dot) com or find me on facebook.

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    Mae Jones

    Is there anywhere to try these canoes out?

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    Leanne Stanley

    Hi Mae,
    There are no boats of this type up here in Canada yet, hence we’re getting as many people together to bring in a shipment.

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    Gordon Clark

    Hi Leanne, is it too late to add another V1 canoe to the order? I’ll email you directly.

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    Angela de Bruijn

    Can you give me an approximate price quote for an OC6? I just saw your October message. I’m assuming it’s too late now to add to your order….

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    Leanne Stanley

    Hi Angela,
    Yes it is too late for this order. The container is on the shipping and it sails tomorrow 🙂
    At this point in time there is not another order planned unless there are enough paddlers that speak up and want to order.
    The approximate CAD cost to bring in a V6 from Fai Va’a was $17k ish


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    Hi! I would like to know if there is an other order planned soon. I would be interested to order 2 V1 and 1 V3. Or maybe do you you know if one of the members would have a used one to sale? Thank you

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    Leanne Stanley

    Hi Yann,
    Please contact me
    lb (dot) stanley (at) gmail (dot) com or find me on facebook


Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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