CORA Grants Available for 2015!

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For 2015, CORA will again be offering grants to its members. We made some positive changes to the grants in 2014, and our goal is to continue to provide clubs with financial support aimed at keeping clubs strong and healthy.

There are three main grants; the Travel Grant, the Repair, Maintenance and Equipment (RME) grant and the Clinic/Education Grant.

The Travel grant is open to member clubs who trailer OC6s to CORA Races. In 2014, in response to the increase in ferry costs and road travel, we increased the limits available on these grants. This grant is available for all CORA races and official trailers (not car toppers) and is only available for OC6 transportation.

The RME grant is open to member clubs. This grant is designed to assist clubs with their operations related to their club infrastructure, repairs, safety requirements and the development of their club programs. Note: it is not for the purchase, either in whole or part, of canoe hulls.

The biggest change we made in 2014 was to the Clinic grant. We took this grant and split it into two funding areas that we hope clubs will use to build the development of their paddlers. The clinic grant is open to member clubs who wish to bring in a coach to host a CORA sanctioned “clinic”. The topics of the clinic are open and we will help clubs, if they need it, find a coach, and advise them on what they need to know. The goal of the grant is to defray costs of the clinic in terms of the per-head cost to paddlers.

The new part of this grant is the Education grant. These are grants that are open to Individual CORA members who are looking to develop their coaching skills and contribute to their member clubs in a coaching capacity. Although the club sponsors the applicants, this grant goes to the individual CORA member to help defray the costs of their coaching education. This grant is limited to NCCP accredited training. If NCCP certification can be shown, only then will other training credits be considered.

All the grants have application criteria, rules, deadlines and limits on spending. Please read the applications and criteria carefully prior to applying. Grant forms are available from the CORA Forms section of the CORA website. Questions can be directed to

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