CORA Financial Grants

March 20, 2012 · 0 comments

CORA has three grants to help clubs reach their goals.

Clinic Grant - Up to $500 to assist clubs with various educational clinics such as Stroke Improvement, Sprint Training, and Steering. The grant requires a club to be a host and provide access to all CORA members who show interest in attending. If you would like to host a clinic but don’t know where to find a coach/instructor, please contact us and we will assist in finding resources.

Travel Grant - Up to $300 per trip if a ferry is used.  This is specific to trailering canoes to OC6 CORA Cup events. It is not intended to fund individual paddlers or small boats and is limited to trailers only.

Repair, Maintenance and Equipment Grant (RME) - Newly implemented this year.   There are 9 grants, each up to $1000.00. The intention is to provide clubs with funds that could be used for club infrastructure, maintenance and small equipment purchases. It is not to be used towards the purchase of canoes but can be used towards maintenance.

All grants have specification and limitations.  Details can be found in the individual grant applications. Please read the applications carefully to meet the requirements. The grants can be found under the Resources/CORA Forms section of the website. If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to email the appropriate grant.

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